Important Issues



These have been uncertain times. People have had questions, fears and great confusion. During this pandemic and beyond, I promise to be with you every step of the way!  From updates on the governor’s actions to how the House of Representatives will advance legislation to help people; it is critical the citizens of Michigan are kept up to date on not only what is happening – but why.

As we exit this pandemic there will still be much work to do. Getting our economy rolling and people back to work. Our schools will need guidance as they restart from this very challenging year and plan for changes in our new normal. Having a difference of opinion is important to finding solutions which is why all our Representatives should be heard rather than the governor issuing orders and saying follow it ‘because I said so.’ This is the primary focus of my campaign and its important we have people who are willing to get to work on this.

Jobs and the Economy

Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders (currently over 180 in fact) from March through September of this year crippled our state’s economy: 

  • Shut out any input from the House of Representatives or Senate. 
  • 47 other states opened or partially-reopened before Michigan did. 
  • More than 1.7 million of our residents filed for unemployment and many waited months to receive their first check due to the unpreparedness from the Michigan Unemployment Agency.

Our main focus now needs to be on how re-engage our state workforce back into the economy and get all our citizens back to work.  Prior to Governor Whitmer’s orders, Michigan was enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in decades and our economy was booming.  As your State Representative, I am committed to getting people back to work and working with small businesses and job providers to help them create more jobs.


Being a born and raised Michigander and water sports enthusiast, I know our environment and freshwater is our treasure.  I am committed to working with others to come up with common-sense solutions to the issues facing our state.  Contrary to popular belief, conservatives care about the environment too.  We just recognize there is a real issue between balancing those in favor of stringent government regulations and those who believe commerce is more important.  We can come together to find common-sense solutions to these issues by having open and frank discussions on the issue.


As our school year skidded to a suspension in March, I was proud of how our schools changed gears to keep kids learning at home. Thousands of people stepped up to help deliver meals, support our parents who still had to work and offer our children the support they needed to help minimize the massive transition that became distance learning. Adversity pulled everyone together and good things emerged. We shall see how the new school year unfolds this fall.

The more important point is to make sure your voices are heard so we can address how our schools operate into the future. It is also important to note, I will support working with our high school graduates to advance to trade school and voting to fund the reconnect program which allows adults to retrain at community colleges and trade schools.  Our region needs good paying jobs and trade schools and education will help allow our society to transition our workforce into areas of need.


Somewhere between the outbreak of COVID-19 and the police brutality protests that followed – we have lost the focus to “fix the damn roads.”  Governor Whitmer’s suggestion of adding 45 cents a gallon tax on gas was a horrible idea and an unrealistic solution that our citizens could not support.  We need to refocus our attention on where our road dollars are spent and identifying the greatest areas of need.  Only then can we discuss new funding streams to help fix our roads.  Our goal must be first to ensure that every penny at the pump going to roads and fixing the worst roads in the state – the local roads you drive everyday.



Evan Agnello